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The only way for the long-term development of the electrict actuator enterprise : low carbon and energy saving



In 2018,the global economy has gradually warmed up, and the domestic economy has gradually stabilized and picked up. 
Chinese and British joint venture Tandy Valve think that,though it is already winter,the domestic manufacturing economy is in the warm spring, now,we must seize the strategic opportunities, actively planning to lead the development of new industries with low-carbon economy concept, and seek the essence of industrial transion and upgrading sexual breakthroughs.

Tandy Valve


Historical experience shows that every crisis breeds new technological breakthroughs and hastens new industrial changes.The "low-carbon revolution" of European and American developed countries has formally started, and is expected to become a new global economic growth point.In recent years, the city in a series of industrial transion and upgrading of the policy, will be wind, solar energy as the representative of the emerging industries as the current industrial transion and upgrading of aan important breakthrough.However, a number of new energy industries (enterprises) in our city, like most other new energy enterprises in the country, lack core technologies: overcapacity in processing and assembly;the scarcity of core technologies has become the fatal weakness of low-carbon industry with new energy as the core.



Accelerating the development of new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection industries as an important breakthrough point for the development of low-carbon economy and cultivating new and superior industries has been written into the government work report : " Big power to develop solar photovoltaic, wind power equipment, semiconductor lighting and related industries. We will formulate development plans for the biomedical industry and implement a number of key projects in the fields of biopharmaceutical and traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing. We will seize the opportunities of environmental protection and energy conservation industry, and actively promote the research and development, production and application of solid waste, waste gas and water treatment equipment. 



Tandy Valve believes that with the concept of low-carbon economy to lead the development of new industries, the focus is : 

First, efforts should be made to develop high-tech industries such as wind power equipment, solar photovoltaic, semiconductor lighting, liquid crystal display, and biomedicine, and to cultivate new growth poles;

Second, around the new energy industry, focus on the development of fan equipment, solar equipment, efficient clean power generation equipment, UHV transmission,
Intelligent electric actuator equipment and transion equipment, efforts should be made to promote the localization of a number of advanced equipment and integrate and enhance the city's equipment manufacturing capacity;

Third, focusing on the development of new energy and equipment industries, we will strive to upgrade traditional industries with unique advantages, and provide complete sets of general-purpose equipment and key parts and components for the development of new energy.The focus is: for nuclear power, wind power, petrochemical and other supporting special pump valve, fan, ship supporting large casting and forging and mold, for the photovoltaic,fan to provide matching high and low voltage electrical appliances, cables;

Fourth, taking advantage of the development opportunities of new intelligent products, we will focus on transforming and upgrading the traditional auto parts industry and actively expand to key components such as transmission modules, motors, and electronic control systems;

Fifth, the introduction of relevant policies to speed up the support of a number of emerging industries leading enterprises bigger and stronger, and constantly enhance the capability of independent innovation, encourage leading enterprises from product manufacturingchange from business to system integration service provider;

Six, is the flexible use of various policies, focus on cultivating a number of pump valve industry leading enterprises, support enterprises to develop electrict actuator products in business, municipal, industrial plants and other fields to promote the application.

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